PRIME-K National Institute of Health (USA) IH visit March 2015
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Wed, 2015-06-17 12:21

Dr. Teresa Kinyari (AIM3 Committee Member PRIME-K) participitated in the National Instutute of Health (USA) visit at the Sarova PanAfric Hotel.

The University of Nairobi PRIME K project has been working in collaboration with the Ministry of Health in capacity building for health service delivery since the year 2011. The project has been collaborating with 18 counties in health facilities where decentralized sites for medical training have been established. In addition, innovative teaching approaches have been adopted by the faculty who have also been involved in research related to the implementation science in HIV care and other disciplines. A dissemination meeting was held with the Ministry of Health during an NIH visit to the country in March 2015. Updates on the projects activities and sustainability were discussed. 

Left to Right: Prof. Julius Oyugi and Dr. Teresa Kinyari Mwendwa during the Ministy of Health Meeting with University of Nairobi PRIME-K program and the NIH team

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