Scaling Up Malaria Interventions for Greater Impact Siaya District- Global Fund Malaria Round 10

The Global Fund Malaria Round 10 project has overall goal of contributing to the national goal of reducing the morbidity and mortality attributable to malaria in the various epidemiological zones by two thirds of the 2007/2008 level.

The University of Nairobi Department of Medical Physiology has been five(5) objectives in Phase 1 of the projects that runs over eight (8) quarters from 1st July 2012 to 30th  December 2013 with the following targets or output indicators under the following objectives in the specific service delivery areas(SDA) :-

A: Objective 2: To have 100% of diagnosed malaria patients receiving effective treatment by 2016 with the following output indiators:-

  1. Train forty(40) Community Health Workers(CHWs) in Community Health Strategy(CHS) in the four(4) newly established community units (CUs) in Siaya,Gem and Ugenya Districts
  2. Train eighty(80) CHWs in Malaria Case Management for service delivery of Home Base Management of Malaria
  3. Treat 16378 patients with uncomplicated malaria with Artemisinin Combination Treatment(ACTs) treatment as per the national treatment guidelines at the community under Community Case Management of Malaria in Western and Nyanza Provinces

B: Objective 6: To strengthen Community Systems by increasing the number of established Community Units from 37% to 80% of the required 711 CUs in Western and Nyanza

  1. Support thirty one (31) Community Units by the provision of incentives to CHWs
  2. Establish four (4) new functional Community Units


  1. Sponsor - Global Fund TB AIDS Malaria (GFTAM)
  2. Principal Recipient - Africa Medical Research and Foundation(AMREF) Kenya
  3. Collaborators:
  • Division of Malaria Control(DOMC) - Ministry of Health(MOH)
  • Provincial Health Management Team(PHMT) - Nyanza Province
  • County Health Management Team- Siaya County
  • District Health Management Team- Siaya District
  • District Health Management Team- Gem District
  • District Health Management Team- Ugenya District


Kshs 24,152,010.00
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