Infectious Disease Diagnosis,Surveillance,Monitoring and Evaluation and Operations Research in Community and Health Systems Strengthening

The pilting of the FIO-NET to support Diagnostic Accuracy of Malaria Rapid Diagnostic Tests(RDT) is a feasibility study on the describe the significance and the positive impact on point-of-care diagnostic accuracy and workflow standardization by health workers. The Deki Reader and Deki Phones Fionet feasibility program will demostrate the system simultaneously provides timely, point of care diagnostics,demography and workflow data to health programs managers and administrative facilities.

Specifically the Deki Reader will be tested to demonstrate its utility as wireless moblie devices for health workers at the point of care. The system will provide workflow protocols for health workers to follow in selected aspects of patient encounters. Informarmation is uploaded to the Spiri: encrypted,geotagged,time-stamped,point of care data(diagnosis,patient,demographic and user workflow). Downloads from Spiri include clinical directioves and protocols,data capture forms and m-health apps for the management of infectious diseases delivered from the health program manager to the health worker.

In addition,the Deki Phones,Android mobile devices wilth app for health workers at the point of careIt is useful in the capture of non-RDT diagnostic results entered via the touchscreen,eg microscopy. The mobile device provides survey and registry data capture,workflow protocols and communication to health workers with the same capability as the Deki Reader and has the upload and download capabilities as the Deki Reader.

Finally,Spiri is a web interface to airFio continually accessible to authorized managers and stakeholders via we browsers. It provides storage,retrieval,analysis,surveilalnce and custom report-generation of the data uploaded by Deki units and remote,real time monitoring,QC and oversight of individual Deki units and health care workers via uploaded data. Dissemination to Deki units of customized and workflow,data capture forms,alerts and messages from health program managers to healthw workers. Data capture is being done in standard formats and database integration customized separately.


  1. Sponsor - Fio Corporation Canada
  2. Collaborators:-
  • Division of Malaria Control(DOMC)- Ministry of Health
  • University of Nairobi School of Medicine Department of Medical Physiology
  • Kisumu County Coordinating Health Management Team
  • Nyando District Health Management Team
  • Muhoroni Distict Health Management Team
  • Nyakach District Health Management Team
  • Kadinda Health Centre
  • Chemelil Health Centre
  • Olasi Dispensary
  • Katolo Dispensary
  • Manyatta Dispensary
  • Kinasia Dispensary
  • Awasi Dispensary
  • Nyakongo Dispensary
  • Mnara Dispensary
  • Wanganga Dispensary
  • Katito Dispensary
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