Coporate Social Responsibility

The Department of Medical Physiology in line with the University of Nairobi's mission of knowledge transmission, and with the duty of responsible citizenly and social responsibility, has since year 2008 liaised with Juhudu children's Club in organizing educational visits for children to the department. The club aims at promoting alternative learning concept and hopes to inspire delight and challenge children to engage in activities that help them understand, influence and shape their environment and the world. The department organizes simplified lessons in basic physiology which include demonstration of relevant laboratory procedures to the children. Areas that have been covered so far include; blood composition and functions, structure of the heart and blood circulation, blood typing, Electrocardiogram, use of stethoscope, determination of blood pressure, isolated heart perfusion and operation of the microscope. Aim of the programme is to expose the children to science through out-of-classroom setup and develop a liking for science subjects which remain a challenge to many students. So far, the programme has run sessions for about 180 children spread over their school holidays. The programme has received extensive coverage in both print and electronic media and received encouraging remarks from parents and teachers from far and wide. Below

are photographs showing some of children in learning sessions.


Mrs Mary Kimani of the University of Nairobi demonstrating how blood group is determined


Juhudi Children's Club members observing stained blood films on a microscope and learning how to use a centrifuge in the Medical Physiology Department laboratory.






A Newspaper extract showing a group of the young students observing a blood film in a microscope. Another extract showing the students curiously observing a blood compartmentation procedure.

  Nation Newspaper: Young Nation; 26 TH April 2009